Date speaker subject
19-08-18 Jon Steer Encountering God
12-08-18 Meagers Mozambique
29-07-18 Mark Southall Modelling Godly character
22-07-18 Jo Edwards Jars of Clay
15-07-18 Jon Steer The Journey on
08-07-18 Paul Tiley Ministering Love and Grace
17-06-18 Jon Steer Forgiveness
10-06-18 Jon Pike Moulding culture
13-05-18 Jo Edwards Messenger of the Gospel
29-04-18 Jon Steer The Big Picture
22-04-18 Jo Edwards In the waiting - Hope
08-04-18 Esther Tiley Watermills
25-03-18 Paul Tiley Surrender to overcome
11-03-18 Jon Steer Sowing into lives
25-02-18 Paul Tiley Purpose and position
18-02-18 Jon Steer Ebenezer 1 Samuel 7
11-02-18 Jo Edwards In the waiting part 2
28-01-18 Kim Jones India
21-01-18 Jon Steer Thoughts from Galatians
14-01-18 Jo Edwards It's in the waiting
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